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Cosmo's Red Worms
Direct mail-order source for Red Wiggler worms.

"KAZARIE Worm Farm supplys ONLY quality redworms to home composters, worm farmers, landfills, and others who have a need for the worms." Ordering by mail.

Flowerfield Enterprises
Publishers of "Worms Eat My Garbage" by Mary Applehof, the essential handbook for beginning vermicomposters. Lots of resources, videos, and information.

Happy D Ranch Worm Farm
The folks at The Happy D sell redworms (Eisenia foetida), the Can-O-Worms™ vermicomposting system, educational supplies, bumper stickers and more. They pride themselves on customer service. See their

Topline Wholesale Distributing
Worms for sale, vermicomposting products (large and small scale), and information.

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Worm Composting
Thewormdude.com is Proud Manufacturer of The Worm Inn. You can buy the most Breathable Worm Composting System in the World from Thewormdude.com

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Great Worm Supplier List
Compiled by Spring Gillard and Michael Levenston Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden (C) Copyright: City Farmer

Composting Container Solutions from Busch Systems
Busch Systems specializes in providing recycling and composting container solutions. Since 1985 it has established the corporation not only as a manufacturer of more than 170 products, but also as a solution provider to innovative programs focused on waste reduction through recycling and composting. The Busch Systems Composting Product Line includes everything from Vermi-Composters and Kitchen Compost Carriers to Yardwaste Collection Bins and other residential composting systems. Busch Systems also carries recycling containers. To learn more about Busch Systems International Inc., please visit www.buschsystems.com or call 1-800-565-9931.

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Red Worms 4 Sale
We specialize in redworms, bu also offer worm bins, coconut coir, and other supplies to raise redworms.

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Home of the European NightCrawlers™
European NightCrawlers™ - RedWorms - Composting Bins - Vermiculture Consulting - Worm Farming Supplies

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Make Fast Compost
Compost 10X faster! Green Cycler shreds kitchen scraps to the ideal size for composting or worm bin, and stores organics without mess, odor or pests.

Worm Composter
The Worm Inn facilitates vermicomposting. This continuous flow of regularly adding food scraps and bedding, and then harvesting the castings from the bottom makes indoor worm composting.

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Order 5,000 Red Wigglers(Eisenia Foetida) FREE Shipping
Order 5,000 Red Wiggler worms FREE SHIPPING and guaranteed linve .Instructions on how to add to lawn/garden/composters,etc. Great for Worm Composting!

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