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MANTIS® TILLER - America’s Favorite Tiller
Weighs just 20 pounds. Now with Free Shipping. One-year money-back guarantee.

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Envirocycle compost bin
The Envirocycle compost bin turns and mixes air with the organic materials, which speeds up the composting process in the compost barrel. Phone Number : 1-866-989-3684 Website : http://www.envirocycle.com

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Two Wests and Elliott
Two Wests & Elliott stock everything you need for your greenhouse or garden. From greenhouses to greenhouse staging, lighting systems to watering equipment, propagators to fruit cages and many other gardening accessories.

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EarthWorks is a manufacturer of a complete line of Natural Organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, bio-stimulants and a supplier of rock minerals.

New friendly user backyard composter
The BluePlanetSmart is an innovative backyard composter. With its eye appealing design and its unique features like the huge interior paddles, the collecting base with manual pump included and his large capacity, the BluePlanetSmart will encourage the North-American gardeners and homeowners to participate at the worlwide effort of saving our Blue Planet...

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Advertising Information/Media Kit Request
We are an all natural biofertilizer/bio soil amendment company. I am interested in pricing for advertising on your website but this is the only way i could find to contact your company. My contact information is below. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Respectfully, Bret Johnson Surya Biofertilizers Operations Manager PO Box 22382 Charleston, SC 29401 tel: 1.877.465.2345 cell: 1.843.261.4489 fax: 1.877.325.3553 www.SuryaGrow.com "Naturally Based Products to Grow Healthy Plants"

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Decorative pebbles, exposed aggregate and recycled crushed glass
DécoR Pebble is a leading supplier of decorative pebbles, exposed aggregate and recycled crushed glass to the landscaping industry.

Grow an eco-friendly garden and help protect the environment with our gardening accessories, bird baths, bird houses, composters, garden accents, garden lighting, garden tools, grills, lawn and patio furniture, mowers and other lawn care items, potting and planting items, sprinklers, storage solutions, wildlife feed, wildlife feeders, and wildlife shelters.

Lawn Mowers
Large independent retailer of lawn mowers garden tractors, lawn tractors, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, garden vacuums, garden shredders and garden composters.

Organic Fertilizer
We are looking to bring a fresh approach to sustainable agriculture and human health. With this fresh approach we hope to bring quality, science and honesty so we all can build a sustainable future.

Worm Bin Factory
We carry about 3 main products worm castings, redworms, worm factory. Plus we carry some worm tea and custom made worm bin.

Biodegradable Disposable Dishware
Disposable dishware constitutes a large portion of the waste in municipal landfills. Better When Bio wants to reduce these amounts by promoting the use of biodegradable material.

GroundGrocer - Composting Equipment Shipped Worldwide
GroundGrocer is the world's premium site for composting equipment: compost bins, earthworm bins, Bokashi bins, compost thermometers, moisture meters, compost tea brewers, soild and compost additives and innoculants, and more... everythign you need to put the life back into your soils!

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